Welcome to the BikeBrothers.

Our motto is " Live your dreams".  Our dream was to travel around the world on our motorbikes.
As brothers with the same passion for travelling and motorbikes we start to live our dream.
We travelled on our Suzuki DR 600 motorbikes all over the world and experienced a lot of adventures.
We visited 66 countries and put more than 211.000 km on our beloved bikes. 
Share our dream...


Follow us now on our trip through Central Asia and Mongolia, july-october 2012




The Brothers

Let us introduce ourselves.



The Bikes

All our trips we did on our good old Suzuki DR 600She took us all over
the world and gave us no big problems. See the log book over
211.000 km.






From The Netherlands we started to explore Europe (1989, 1990, 1992).
From the beautiful Alps to the windy "Noordkaap" in Norway and amazing Iceland.






North America and Mexico

In 1991 we discovered America. We loved all the national parks we visited,
lost our money in Las Vegas and survived the heat in Mexico.





Australia (1993-1994) made us relaxed with "no wories mate...".
We "shoot" our bikes over the Gunbarrel highway, ate whitecherry grubs
with Aborigines and got eaten ourself by the Western Australian flies...




In 1995-1996 we travelled in 5 months from The Netherlands to Capetown
in South Africa. It was our most adventurous trip. In Mauritania we got lost
in a minefield, we got 2 times arrested in Zaire and we climbed Mount
Kilimanjaro (5896 m).


South America

South America (1998-1999) showed us the most impresssive nature.
We crossed the vast Amazone, survived the " Ruta de Muerte" in Bolivia,
got altitude mountain sickness in the Andes and were blown off our
bikes by the Patagonian wind. But we made it to the End of the World.





In 2001-2002 we made our longest trip (64.000 km in 17 months).
We travelled through East Europe to enter Asia in Turkey. Followed a
part of the Silk Route, were taken as hostage in Pakistan, raced with
tuktuks in India, loved the spicey food in South East Asia, discovered
New Zealand and Japan and got bitten by millions of musquitos in Siberia.