Beautiful people

When you are travelling you meet a lot of people. Sometimes they only pay you a visit when you having lunch by the side of the road.
Other times you are surrounded by dozens of kids that give you the idea that they see white men for the first time. Or you get invited
to share a meal (even if they have not much to eat themselves) or give you shelter for the night.
These are memorial moments, that makes a journey what it is all about.Thank you beautiful people.

Uganda: Pygmy. we travelled a terrible road into the Semliki valley to see the Pygmy. Although they are almost the
same size as our bike, these men are proud and showed us their pipes they use for smoking.

Another proud tribe: Masai from Kenia. These children who where looking after their cattle, were very interested in our bikes.

Mauritania: Men walk in their famous blue "dresses". We aslo had a look at this butcher,
but we instantly became vegetarians...

Zaire: That evening we could not cross a river so we were invited to stay at Gilberts house. His wife made a very nice
dinner on a wood fire with rice and fresh fish (caught by themselve in the river). They shared the little food they had with us.
The boys had the time of their lives when they could sit on our bikes.

Nigeria: many faces of Africa.