Where the road ends

Arriving in East Africa travelling on our bikes is less adventurous, the roads are getting better and some countries are more developed.
But what makes this part of Africa very interesting are the National Parks and the wildlife.
We did some safari's and saw all kind of animals. And do believe the road signs if it say : Elephants crossing!!!!!! 

                                  road signs in Tanzania
10 meters in front of us elephants are crossing the road

Safari in the Ngorongoro crater

At the border Zambia-Zimbabwe we stay a few days and watch the spectaculair Victoria Falls.
Over a length of 1.8 kilometers the water drops with the sound of thunder 108 meters down
and clouds of spray are send up 500 meters into the sky. This is why the Africans call it
Mosi-oa-Tunya, "smoke that thunders". 


After 5 months intensive travelling and many adventures we reach Cape of Good Hope.
On our 25.000 km trip our Suzi's did not let us down. At Cape of Good Hope the road ends.
Our journey ends here, but not in our mind. This trip made us rich inside....