Today we go with a guide a to an aborigine family that still lives in the outback. When we arrive we see some simple huts made from branches.
We are welcome and we get a tour around their huts from one of the women. The other women start to prepare dinner and a man is showing
us how to throw with a boomerang. We also try it. That's difficult! But after a few tries it gets better and the boomerang is coming back. WOW!
For hunting they use also a spear with a launcher, to get more speed. We practise on a dummy kangaroo but it is very difficult to hit it.
One of the aborigines shows his experience and hits everytime.

Finally they show that boomerangs are also being used to make fire. They make a sawing movement with the boomerang in a piece of wood and
because of the friction heat you can ignite some dry grass.


Bushtucker meal with Whitecherry grubs...mmmmm....

After these "huntings" we get hungry and its lunch time. They make us a bushtucker lunch. The women sit around a fire and some food
is divided in wooden bowls. There are different kinds of bush fruits and in one bowl we see some things crawling. I ask what is that???
These are Whitecherry grubs, replies the woman. They are delicious... These white grubs are 5 cm long and one finger thick.
I pick one from the bowl and hold it between my fingers. It looks straight into my eyes with his black eyes...
The aborigines eat them raw but also fry them in hot ash. The woman put the grubs in the ash and after a few minutes they are done.
I try one and I am surprised about the taste. It tastes like fried egg. The aborigine woman explains that it is has a high nutritious value.
It contains a lot of proteins and water and low fett. So they are healthy. I want one more...