Gunbarrel Highway

On the many outback tracks we rode we saw some typical australian signs. They warn you for crocodiles, emu's, kangaroo's
and much more animals. So even on remote tracks we have to pay attention.

Typical Austalian road signs                                                 A Thorney Devil crossing the road

Last night we had a lot of rain and some parts of the roads are flooded. After a few kilometers we arrive at a river that
flooded the road. A car driver is waiting. He waits already 3 hours until the water will drop so his car can pass. He tells
us that this morning the water was 1.5 m high! The water level is dropping already but is still too high for the car to pass.
The air inlet of our suzi's is quite high so we should have no problems to ride through the water. Harald goes first and he
opens his throttle. The bike makes a big wave and the water comes over the fuel tank. But he makes it.
He got only wet feet.....

                                                                                                                   Even Suzuki's can swim...


We take food supply and water for a few days and fill up our fuel tanks. We will do the Gunbarrel highway which starts
behind Ayers Rock and goes all the way to Laverton, almost 1200 km straight through the Great Victoria Desert.
The gravel road is not too difficult to ride but after some kilometers the road is very corrugated.
At Warburton the Gunbarrel highway splits in two, in the real Gunbarrel highway and the Warburton road. At the
roadhouse the people tell us that the real Gunbarrel is very difficult to ride and therefore no one is riding it the summer.
So if we get problems......We take their advise and take the Warburton-Laverton  road. For this part we need for almost
600 km fuel, so this can be tricky.
It is very hot today and the road gets more sandier. A lot of times we have problems to keep our loaded bike upright but
we manage every time. The Great Victoria Desert is surprisingly green. It is not a big sand plain but covered with little bushes
and spinifex grass. At the end of the day we pitch  our tent under some gumtrees. Tired but satisfied we enjoy the peace of the

We love outback camping                                                                                Some adventurous tracks