On our way to the "Top End" we see a lot of termitehills. The more north we go the higher they get. Some of them are
as high as 4 metres! And build by these little ants...Amazing.
We spend some days at Kakado N.P. We make some tours in the NP to see the wildlife. Kangaroos, all kind of birds, lizards and crocodiles.
There are also a lot of Aborigine rockpaintings. Some are dated at 40.000 years! They show how the Aborigines lived and hunted.
Very interesting to learn something about their culture.







Even Skippy likes our bike...







These giant termite hills make our bikes look small...


The Stuart Highway takes us to Alice Springs in the "RedCenter". It is a nice city and the Aussies are relaxed.
At a motorcycleshop we buy some new nobbies because we want to do some serious off road riding.
But first we visit Ayers Rock and learn more about the Aborigine culture. The Aborigine name is Uluru and it is a sacred place to them.
We kick on our Suzuki's and head for Uluru. Then suddenly this giant rock comes in our sight. It seems that it rises from the earth, like a gigantic
spaceship. The more close we come, the bigger it gets. WOW. We stop and absorb the rock in our mind before we make a picture.
First we ride around Uluru to see her from all the sides. And then we climb it. A steep track goes up and on the most steep parts
there are chains to give a help with climbing. From the top the panorama is great.
When the sun sets a lot of people go to Ayersrock to see it change her colors. We go and view as well. And it is a spectacular view.
Different kinds of red are lighting up as the sun sets.

A pose at Ayers Rock