With a new second hand rim for Harald's DR we set off to Ayers Rock. Or Uluru as the Aborigines call this huge monolith and is located almost in the center of Australia. Eight years ago we were also here. With the same bikes! The same brothers! Uluru looks still impressive. About 40 kilometers away from Uluru are the Olga's. These are huge red boulders and a very long time ago it was one big rock, like Uluru. But due to erosion it breakdown. We take a walk through the "valley of the winds". The big boulders change color in the sun and we sit down and enjoy the peace. We feel a warm wind blowing in our face and takes our thoughts with it. We can feel the spiritual meanings from the Aborigines that make these places sacred to them.



The Olga's

There are a lot of Aborigines living in the red centre and the first impressions we got is that they sit in the city parks and drink beer. It seems that they don't care about anything. This are only notices, not judges! But when we make a tour to an Aborigine village the guide explains the problem. Until the beginning of the 20th century they had never seen white men. 30.000 years they lived from hunting and gathering food in a very harsh environment. They lived from what nature offered them and moved on when the food was running out in that place. They had no possessions and were not material. And then the white men came. They build houses, fabrics, drove cars and had computers. And this in two generations time. It must feel for the Aborigines like if they stepped from the Stone Age into the 21st century in one day. They cannot handle these quick changes. How many people back home cannot handle computers or use internet?

The Aborigines in the village tell in a enthusiastic way about their life. More about their dreams, the Dreamtime. This is the time when everything was created. Before this time there was nothing, no life, no trees, no mountains. At the Dreamtime, the creation time, there were spiritual beings. Dreamtime means in the aborigine perception "live and travel", and not dreaming or day dreaming like we know. These spiritual beings lived and travelled and left their energy behind as trees, hills and caves. Many of them are now sacred places. Aborigines have no written history (only rock paintings) and tell their stories in a "Corroboree". These are dances, where they paint their body and sing songs about the dreamtime. And they make a lot of paintings about there Dreamtime. After the dance it is lunch time. We have "damper" (bush bread), bush fruits, grubs and kangaroo tail. How delicious. It is great to see how they life from and in the nature. And again we are happy that we met and learned an other culture. This makes us rich...

Aborigines tell about their Dreamtime and dance a Corroboree

We kick on our bikes and continue our dream. Living and traveling. Ride over endless plains, across deserts, through the outback, camp at the most beautiful spots and enjoy beautiful sunsets.