Our last continent...
After all our previous trips we had one continent left... Asia. It was all many years a dream to go there and the first idea was to follow the Trans Siberian railway through Russia and take a ferry from Vladivostock to Japan and visit the Suzuki company. But during our planning in 2000 we both got the news that we would loose our jobs in 2001. Well... thats good news, so we started to make a bigger plan. Because we would have all the time in the world...
In may 2001 we started our motorbike trip to Asia. Our itinerary is via East-Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal. From Nepal we flew our bikes to Thailand. There we discovered South East Asia: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, From Malaysia we shipped our Suzuki's to New Zealand and then to Australia. From there we went to Japan and visited the birth place of our Suzuki's. Then we started the long, long way home and rode back to Holland via Siberia, Russia and the Baltic States. After 17 months we crossed our last border, back to Holland. After 64.000 km we were tired, dirty, the bikes are almost falling apart, leaking oil, tyres are gone, tent is leaking, our money is finished but our mind is full. Full of adventures, full with memories of the people we met. Full of the places we visited. Full of life. We realized the last part of our dream. Traveling around the world. On our DR600's. We are happy...


Holland The preparation ...until may 2001

A perfect start

Sleeping with the Gods

11-05-2001 - 27-05-2001

28-05-2001 - 04-06-2001

Iran Free drivers licence and "escort service" 05-06-2001 - 17-06-2001

Hostage: on water and bread

Kalash Valley

Chitral - Gilgit track

Karakorum Highway

18-06-2001 - 22-06-2001

23-06-2001 - 29-06-2001

30-06-2001 - 04-07-2001

05-07-2001 - 15-07-2001


Golden Temple

Praying with the wind

Top of the World

Holy Cows

16-07-2001 - 21-07-2001

22-07-2001 - 31-07-2001

01-08-2001 - 13-08-2001

14-08-2001 - 20-08-2001

Nepal Namaste 21-08-2001 - 10-09-2001
Thailand Spicey food and Hill Tribes 11-09-2001 - 05-10-2001
Laos, Vietnam Vietnamese Dragons 06-10-2001 - 02-11-2001
Cambodia Welcome to Cambodia 03-11-2001 - 14-11-2001
Thailand,  Malaysia Tigers and Travesties 15-11-2001 - 12-01-2002
New Zealand

Land of the Long White Cloud

Hongi and Hangi

13-01-2002 - 15-02-2002

16-02-2002 - 05-03-2002 


Roadhouse blues


06-03-2002 - 08-04-2002

09-04-2002 - 31-05-2002

Japan The Naked Truth 01-06-2002 - 26-07-2002
Siberia, Russia From Russia with Love 27-07-2002 - 30-08-2002
Russia, Baltic States, Holland Home Sweet Home 31-08-2002 - 01-10-2002