Praying with the wind
From Srinagar to Leh we take some high pass roads. We winding up the mountain and suddenly the road is blocked. We stop and talk with the roadworkers.

The road is under construction and we are not allowed to go on. But we have no intention to go back. That will be a big detour through other valleys. Finally
they let us trough but at our own risk. They warn us for very dangerous parts where the road slide away due to landslides. Where did we saw this before....?
Later we realize that the roadworkers were right. On one part of the track a truck lost control and fall down into the river... 

Winding up the mountain Srinigar-Leh track; roadworkers

Tragedy: truck down...

In this area there are some very interesting Buddhist monasteries to see. The monastries in Alchi and Lamayuru have some beautiful statues of buddha
and fresco's, dating from the 11th century. Because the difficulty to pray all day and to save time the monks put praying flags everywhere. When the wind
moves this flags prayings are send out to the world. What an invention! I like it. Also they have a lot of praying mills. Every time you give a praying mill
a swirl, you make a pray.
Just before we enter the city Leh, the suzuki from Udo stops. Nothing works anymore. We check the electric system and find out that the dynamo is broken.
It can take some time to fix this problem, but we are luckily that it happens near the city Leh. It gets dark soon, so we put our tent fly over the bikes and stay
for the night. The next day Harald organize a truck in Ley to put Udo's bike on and we find a nice guesthouse to stay. We order a new dynamo in Holland
but it can take 5 days to get it here. They say...

praying flags; stunning views

monastrie of Lamayuru; a monk at a praying mill

Broken for the night