Sleeping with the Gods...

Tea,? Yes, sure. We want to take some fuel at a petrol station but first we have to drink tea with the servent. Petrol you can get later, sais the servant. After 3 cups of tea and one hour later we fill up our fueltanks.When we ask for a restaurant the servant sais that they gonna eat in half an hour. If we want to join them? Alright, we will. After sometimes Turkish pizza arrives and we talk with the friendly servants about Holland and football. Two hours later were are back on the road. 

How much is this in dollars???                                                                          Delicious Turkisch pizza with the petrol servants

Cappadocia is a beautiful area and has some dramatic scenes. From the volcanic ground, the softer layers are washed away by rain and air and what is left are chimney shaped rock formations. They are spread around the little city Goreme. In many of these rock formations Christians from the 10th century digged holes in and used it as houses and churches. In some of the churches are beautiful remained fresco's from the life circle of Christ: the birth, the crucifixion and the resurrection.

In the city Adiyaman the tourist information gives the advice not to ride up to Nemrut Dagi (MountDagi). The last 13 km to the top of this mountain are too steep and the road is very bad. They tell us that a German guy had wrecked his bike. Well we will try it..
The road winds up the mountain. We don't see much other traffic and we ask ourselves if we took the right way. We pass little villages where goats shit on the road. Then we see a sign that sais 17 km. After 4 km the road is still good to ride but goes steeper after every hairpin. The slope is at least 30 % and the stones get more space between them. Slowly in the first gear we ride up and a lot of times the rear wheel is losing grip. We cannot stop here and have to go up to the 2000 m high summit. For the last 10 km we need half an hour and soaked in our sweat we reach the top.
At the summit king Antiochos of Commagne had made some statues of the Gods Zeus, Apollo, Hercules and himself. The statues were build in the first century BC and were 50 m high. But an earthquake took them down and now the 2 m high heads of the statues are put up only. From the top we have a beautiful view and see a nice sunset.
In the dark it is too dangerous to ride back the steep road and we want to camp at the top. But here is a military post and we are not allowed to stay on military ground. We explain our situation and for one time they make an exception and we pitch our tent behind the military huts. Tonight we are sleeping with the Gods...