A perfect start.
The sun shines and the sky is blue. On may 11th we kicked on our DR's and rode to the 12th Motortrottersweekend in Otterlo in the Netherlands.
This is a meeting for motorcycle travellers who travelled all over the world or have plans to do so. The place to get info about preparation of your bike
and travel tips. We saw some very interesting slideshows and had a fine BBQ with plenty of beer. Sunday morning after breakfast it's time to go.
A lot of bikerfriends wished us a good trip and waved us goodbye. We ride up the highway and Harald comes aside me. We look to each other.
He points his left hand forward. Lets go. To the east. To where the sun rises...

Saying goodbye to our parents and go to the 12th Motortrottersweekend to start our trip.


We took Eastern Europe as transit, not only highways but also some nice curvey roads
in the Karpate Mountains in Rumania. But we did not go sightseeing. In Bjala, at the
Black Sea in Bulgaria, we pitched our tent on a campsite. The campsite is not opened yet,
but we could camp for free. The grass is 50 cm high and the toilets and bathrooms
are too dirty to use. But the owner, uncle Mike, is very friendly and invited us for a BBQ with his family and 5 helpers who helps him to prepare the campsite. The meat, fish and salads are terrific and we drink homemade wine. Prosit! (cheers). They store the wine in 2 l coca cola bottles and when a bottle is empty a new one is opend. Prosit! And another one... That evening we had some problems to find our tent...

The next morning we move on with a little headache, but the fresh wind of the Black Sea sober us up. The border with Turkey at Malko Tarnovo gives no real problemes.
We are the only pasengers there, it is very quiet. We follow the curvey roads of the AegeanCoast. Riding the bike is fun but the pavement could be better.
In Selcuk we give ourselfs and the bikes some days rest. It is a nice (but touristic) little town. We scroll over the market and we watch how the turkish people do their shoppings. The women that sells the vegetables sit on the table between the groceries. They polish
the tomatoes, aubergines and onions to make them look better.

                                                                                                                                         The grass need to be mowed at the campsite, but we could camp for free.

Buying groceries at the local market                          

Today we walk to the Roman ruines of Ephesus. In the Roman times, this was Asia's capital. There are some impressive ruines, like the Great Theatre, which can
seat 25,000 people, the library, erected in 114 AD by consul Tiberius Julius Aquila and holded 12.000 scrols in niches around its walls that time. Also interesting
is the lavatoryroom. At all sites of the room there are toilets seated next to each other. The men sit here together to make a dump. That would be a smelly

Ruines of Ephesus









Harald is taking a dump...The roman way...