Viva Las Vegas

The sun is burning and it is very hot. Because of the heat I take my motor jacket off but ten minutes later I have
some blisters of sunburn on my arms. This day I learned that I always must wear a jacket when I am riding my motorbike...
We head to the Grand Canyon and the views are spectacular. This is not to compare with the pictures we saw from travel books.
It's so huge, big, amazing, breath taking, wunderschon, fantastisch, we don't have words for it...We go all around the North Rim and later
the South Rim. We decide to give our bikes a day rest and we do a hike down to the
Colorado river. We enter the gorge and every
meter we descend we start to
feel us smaller....WOW! After a few hours of hiking we reach the Colorado river. Wild white water is
passing at high speed. Some rafs are dancing on the waves. That is spectacular. We cool down our hot feet in the cold water and
after a nice picknick we start our way back up. Halfway we are out of drinking water and the heat is getting us. On our last bit of
energy we strumble out of the canyon. This was a very though walk, but is was superb.


During the day Las Vegas looks like Death Valley, dead you know. There is no traffic, no people, no neon lights, no nothing.
But when it's getting dark the city awakes. You can spend a whole night to see only the outside of the casinos. One more beautiful
than the other. The Mirage, Ceasers Palace, it's all amazing.
Of course we are gonna take a bet. If we are lucky we can extend our trip....
But if we loose all, it's the end of our trip....Mmm, difficult decision... and the money is gone before we notice it. But we have our
emergency credit card....Well, beter not, and we come to ourselfs and stop gambling. All that gambling made us hungry, but the food and
drinks are very cheap in the casinos.
Before we ride back on our bikes to the campsite we take one more look to the beautiful city of lights. At a crossing a man asks "what do
you have in the aluminum boxes, pizza's? "That's our luggage", I tell him. But the guy really thought that we were pizza-deliverers.
It is three-o 'clock in the night when we pass a supermarket. It is open and we need some groceries, so why not. In the big supermarket
there is one woman and a guard, nobody else. It is strange for us to go shopping in the middle of the night. We cannot do that in The Netherlands.
But it is very quiet and no lanes in front of the pay desk. Funny is also the guard when he ask us if The Netherlands is a part of
"And if we ride all the way from The Netherlands?"

Sunrise at Monument valley