Baja California

There are a lot of people at the border of Tijuana, Mexico. The most of them want to go to the states and are checked very well.
But we gringo's have no problems with immigrations and in half an hour we rid our Suzuki 's into the Baja.
This is cool. Well, exactly cool isn't the right word. It is more then 35 C,  but it is so neat to ride through the Baja desert full of
giant cactuses. We stop for a lunch break at a huge cactus and try to get some shade. A few minutes later Vultures circle above us
in the sky. One is coming down and lands in the cactus. Does he see us as lunch???? Well, we can make a great picture. Before
his friends get the same idea, we kick on our DR's and start crossing the Baja.


From La Paz we take the ferry to Mazatlan on the mainland of Mexico. We ride through the beautiful mountainrange,
Sierra de los Huicholes, to Acapulco. Often we have in the late afternoon a tropical shower. This causes flooding and landslides
but isn't a problem for our suzuki's. From Acapulco we are going north again and visit around Ciudad the Mexico the temples
of Teotihuacan and learn something about the Aztecs.