Beer and Bears

It took us only two hours to get our motorbikes through the customs after we landed in Toronto, Canada. And then we ride
on our own bikes. That feels GREAT! Our family shows us the lovely city Toronto and we make a tour to the Niagra Falls.
The amount of water that falls down is impressive, so much power, so much noise.
After a few days we hit the highway and come in our first traffic jam of the America's. We take the road along lake Superior
and cross the border into the U.S.A. The first days were boring because we ride all day to get as quickly as possible to the
Rockies. Then we pass the snow-covered Beartooth pass road. The views are breath taking but the cold wind makes us only
stay for a short time.

Yellowstone National Park is just opened for the season and not so crowded yet. We pitch the tent on a
campsite and stay a few days to explore the National Park.

 Niagra Falls                                                                                                             view from Beartooth pass

At the first evening just after dinner and a couple of beers I see a big black shade passing by in the twilight. Not thinking clearly
I say to Udo "it's a dog". "Where?" He asked me. "There at the tree". Then he turns his head and looks, "but it isn't a dog",
he said. "It's a bear". "Wwwwoooooooooow a bear", and he runs away. It was a black bear. I thought already that it was a little
bit too big for a dog. That night we could not catch our sleep...
The next morning we g
et up early for a hike. We walk a track of 25 km through the forest. It is quiet and we see only a few squirrels
and hear some birds. We are talking about our motorbike trip and then suddenly a grizzly bear in front of us appears. Shit, what a giant.
"Play death", is what the park ranger told us if you meet a grizzly. That is impossible because my heart is beating twice the speed as normally.
Before I can take my camera, the bear is running away. Lucky for us the other way...
Back on the campsite we get an official warning from a park ranger because we left our camping stove and food in our tent. "This is against the
rules and dangerous, this is bear country!". "You must know that". Really, bears? where....? We need a beer......

Castle geyser, Yellowstone NP