We are heading along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and arrive in New Orleans. We decide to give our bikes
a day rest and we explore the city by foot. We walk around the French Quarter and snife the blues and jazz. In the afternoon
bands walk around and play their songs. This is great and we get in the mood to swing. We go to some pubs and watch many
blues and jazz bands till late in the night.


At the Key's in Florida we spend a day snorkling and see the most beautiful fish and coral. The souvenir I have got
from Florida is the official sunburn during the snorkling...
We are riding back north on our way to Canada over the Blue Ridge Parkway, a nice road through the Appalachian Mountains.
We pass the border with
Canada and ride to Toronto, where we started our journey 3 months ago. 
Our first big overseas trip was superb. We saw so many beautiful things so it will probably not the last..........