I'm Udo and I'm one of the BikeBrothers. I always say "live your dreams". And my dream is travelling all over the world
on my suzuki DR 600. It became a kind of mission to me. After my chemistry study I found a job on a lab and when I
saved some money I quited the job and started to travel. So this became my life, work some time, save money and then
travel on my Suzi.

See you on the road......

dreaming at work...working on a dream...


I am Harald, the other BikeBrother.Travelling on the motorbike is one of my biggest hobby's.Therefore I need some money
and I already worked too long as a maintenance technician at a big company.
Sometimes it is necessary to work on a trip, like reparing the motorbike. Yes, I am the technical brain of the brothers.

Ride til it hurts.......

I get always the dirty hands...
I wrote a book about our trip through Africa "Waar de weg ophoudt". It tells all about our adventures.
Now for sale on the internet at www.gopherpublishers.com


"Where the road ends"

Harald Lamers and his brother Udo travelled on their motorbikes 5 months through untamed Africa.
They started in Delft (Holland) and ended their journey in Capetown (South Africa). During their trip
they survived the Sahara desert, got stuck in the mud in Zaire, got arrested and had to deal with
corrupt officials. "Where the road ends", the troubles starts...
In this book he writes in such way that you got the impression you made the trip yourself.

(publishers notes)




 You can order this book, 256 pages with 20 pictures at
 www.gopherpublishers.com or www.bol.com
 (only available in Dutch)
 tel. +31 (0)50 3657272
 fax +31 (0)50 3657273
 ISBN 90-76953-32-5