End of the World

The gravel road winds through deep green forests, once a while we pass a little farm, see several glaciers and in the  river streams clear water.
We are riding on the Carretera Austral in Chilean Patagonia. When in the afternoon the sun begins to shine it is too beautiful to move on.
We pitch our tent near a river and make a campfire. Hot coffee, toasted bread and a couple of barbequed sausages makes it complete.
What can simplicity be beautiful.

This is traveling...

The Patagonian wind blowes us to Los Glaciers NP in Argentina. Here is the outrages beautiful glacier Perito Moreno.
With a length of 14 km, a width of 4 km and 55 m height it is one of the few glaciers in the world that is still growing. In one
day it shifts 2 meters. And this is why the glacier is so spectacular. Under loud cracking sounds huge pieces of ice are falling
down and with a thundering sound it hits the water.The sun rays makes the glacier illuminate blue between the ice peaks.
This naturally phenomenon is so beautiful that we watch it for two whole days.

Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina

The sea is rough and the ferry swells on the water. A few people have to throw up and we are also glad when we set foot at Tierra del Fuego.
Cold wind is torturing our face and snow falls down on the already slippery pass. This is summer in Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world.
They call it "Fin del Mundo", End of the World.
And we've been there...on our DR600 's.