Piranha soup

Jerry, our guide, takes us to his family who live in floating houses in the Amazone. After 4 hours by car over a very rough road and 5 hours by boat over a meandering river we arrive at his family. These Indians live what the Amazone rainforest brings them and they are willing to share some of their knowledge with us. Jerry makes contact to the "outsight world" and organises eco tours through the jungle. 
We are invited to the floating house on the river. We get a welcome drink, Pingha, and we are introduced to his family. He lives here with his wife and 2 kids. In the boat next his brother lives with his family.
We get a place to sleep in the guest houses on the shore. Hammocks are put up for guests and musquito nets are available.

Floating houses in the Amazone


The next day Jerry takes us for a walk in the jungle. He tells everything about the flora and fauna. About the Quininetree, which they use against malaria, the rubbertree, the manioc plantage and we taste coconut larva's. Everytime he listens a sound we stop to discover the animal. We see diferent colorful birds. Its hot and humid and sometimes Jerry has to make his way through the jungle with his knife. On our way back Jerry catch a turtle. For dinner he says.
And after dinner we go crocodile hunting." Just for fun", say Jerry. 

Jerry and his brother show the crocodile that we caught. 

After a good night sleep in a hammock we go fishing for piranha's. Jerry explains how to do it and after some time they bite. We catch enough piranha's for a soup. Jerry's wife starts to prepare the turtle that we caught yesterday. The turtle meat is mixed with salad and served in his shell. We all take place in the living room on the boat and the piranha soup is served. It is a strange idea to see the piranha's with the big jaws on your plate, but it taste well. The turtle salad looks great and taste delicious. To drink there is Pingha. That is a kind of local whisky, with lemon and lots of sugar. It taste great and is very strong. It is a very nice evening and we feel like home. The Pingha makes me sleepy and when I walk back to the guesthouse and lay myself in my hammock, the world starts to turn......


Piranha's for dinner...