Salar de Uyuni

Everywhere around us it is white. White from salt, which turns into blue at the horizon. The whole salt lake is covered with hexagonal shapes
and it gives a kick to ride on this lake. You loose all your orientation and it gives a feeling of unreality. We are riding on Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.


With 140 km in diameter this is the worlds largest salt lake. We didn't see any tracks for a while and the idea that we are lost concerns me. We did
not fill up our fuel tanks... When we arrive at a small island we want to go there to have a lookout for orientation. Just in front of the island the salt layer gets so thin that my motorbike sag. The whole rear wheel diappeared in the salt. It is a hard job to dig out the bike at 3600 m altitude. We are exhausted.
And we are lost. We have no idea which way to go. So we pitch our tent for the night and the next day we follow our own tracks back to the civilized world...