Sights of South America

On our trip through South America we had a lot of beautiful impressions. It are the happenings of every day that make it an adventure.
We want to share some of them:

Bolivia: Crossing a river on a ferry with narrow ramps to get on or of is an adventure itself...
But the people are really friendly and very helpful.

Arid landscapes in south Bolivia













                                                                                         "Nice bike",  penguin at Punta Tombo, Argentina

Very difficult to ride. Pass Pampa de Chalviri, 5000 m. Border Bolivia-Chile

Guanaco, they make a funny laughing sound, Chile

Torres del Paine NP, Chile

Travelers dream place to camp, Bolivia

Two brothers, two bikes, one world…

Brasil: a little snackbar to refuel our energy
Market in la Paz, Bolivia
Beautiful girls in beautiful dresses, Peru