Welcome to the BikeBrothers Harald and Udo.

Our motto is "Ride your dreams".  And our dream is to travel around the world on our motorbikes, to see new countries and meet new cultures. As brothers with the same passion for traveling and motorbikes we bought in 1989 our Suzuki DR600's and traveled all over Europe.

The next years we explored all the continents and experienced a lot of adventures. When our DR600's got retired after many years and 211.000 km, we got ourselves Suzuki DRZ400's and continue riding our dream...

In the meantime we visited 89 countries and travelled more than 300.000 km on our beloved bikes.

Let us share our dream...


From The Netherlands we started to explore Europe (1989, 1990, 1992).

From the  Alps to the windy "Noordkaap" in Norway and amazing Iceland.


From the Netherlands to Capetown in South Africa (1995). We got lost in a minefield,  arrested twice  in Zaire and we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Central Asia

In 2012 we shipped our bikes to Kazahkstan, rode into thin air in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and raced over the vast plains in Mongolia.

South America 2017

Exactly 20 years after our first time in South America, we went back. And we are still flying...

North America

In 1991 we discovered America. We walked the Grand Canyon, lost our money in Las Vegas and survived the heat in Mexico.

South America

In the Amazone we got attacked by stitching ants, survived the    "Ruta del Muerte"  and  made it to the End of the World. (1997)


Madagascar,                  Africa's most pure country,  overwhelmed us with  spectacular wildlife,  friendly people and adventurous roads (2015).

Balkan (Europe)

The  Balkan countries  are yet unspoiled by tourism. Discover it now...(2019)


Australia welcomes us with "no wories mate...".

We "shoot" our bikes over the Gunbarrel highway and ate whitecherry grubs with Aborigines.(1993)


In 2001-2002 we made our longest trip. 24 countries, 64.000 km in 17 months, incl, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Russia


We discovered the most unspoiled country in Southeast Asia     (2016) on rented motorbikes.

Moments to capture...


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